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Bourbon T-Shirts Masters Collection

These t-shirts are the classics that celebrate the stewards of America's whiskey, bourbon. You know who you are.

As the saying goes, all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. By wearing these tees, you know the difference.

Bourbon must be:

  • Must be made in the USA. 
  • Has to be aged in new charred white oak barrels. This is what gives the juice its caramel, vanilla notes, and other flavors.
  • At least 51% corn
  • Not higher than 160 proof. The higher the proof, the more the flavors are removed. Think of vodka at 190; no flavor.
  • 125 proof into the barrel
  • 80 proof or higher into a glass bottle
  • Genuine, no additives or flavors.

One of our most popular tees for bourbon lovers is the Bourbon Stewart Vintage T-shirt. Or if you want to "neat," undistressed version, you can go here.