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Southern Gothic Skulduggery Collection

There are no greater spirits than the distilled kind, for example the classic vintage Skulduggery and Co. Distilled Bourbon Spirits t-shirt

Also known as Dark Country, it is the literature and music of the decayed and the derelict. It is the bluegrass that is not afraid to consider the sinister or the grotesque. It is the Ann Rice novel with the scene of gothic statues coming alive in the middle of the night in a New Orleans cemetery.  We imagine William Faulkner or Flannery O'Connor with a glass of bourbon next to their typewriter, bringing their tales to life. (Although from what we hear, O'Connor preferred coke in coffee.)

This is our collection that is be particularly popular in time for Halloween, such as our Bourbon Hunter Skull tee. This collection is about skulls, boneyards, reapers galore. Cheers!