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Classic Vintage Whiskey Black Label T-shirts

Our popular Class Vintage Black Label T-Shirts celebrates the heritage of America's whiskey, of distillers that have stories to tell; history, myth, legend, and legacy.

Wearing these, you are comfortably part of the in-crowd of those who know some of those stories, real or myth. These fun bourbon-wear labels, with the slightly distressed, vintage look, are inspired by 18th and 19th centuries, when whiskey was not only drank, it was medicine and cash; it was a way for a farmer to "store" surplus corn; tons of it was used to preserve bones during the Civil War, as our Major Brinton Coffin Varnish Battlefield Whiskey tee relates. We've always imagine a lighthouse keeper, after shift's end, might like our Lighthouse Bourbon Black Label Vintage tee.

These also make great gifts!